Thursday, November 26, 2009

Red and black


Here we see two girls looking really pretty in red and black. It appears that they are wearing shirts of silk or satin. The embroidered silky shirts are giving dazzling look to the girls. The contrast in converse is very stirking. Girls are enjoying at the wedding. Beautiful smiling faces

Multi coloured bangles


Pakistani girls are fond of bangles. Bangles are a type of jewellery, worn by the girls on the wrists. In Pakistan multi coloured glass bangles are in fashion. Girls often try to wear bangles that match to their clothes, as we see in the picture. A gorgeous girl wearing beautiful bangles and looking very stylish. The bangles worn by the girl are matching to the both colours used in

Busy at work


A girl looking busy while sitting on the chair and using her laptop. The girl’s apparel is elegant and beautiful. she is wearing beige colour cotton suit. The matching nail polish is making her hands more charming. Her lovely dark black hair are giving her a gorgeous look. The picture is magnificent altogether.

Girl in white


A stunning lady is posing for the camera. She is dressed up in white and looking really hot. Her beauty is enhanced by applying delicate eye makeup and with the matching jewellery. Pakistani girls are beautiful, no matter what colour they wear or what style they adopt, they can look

Attractive eyes


A beautiful girl is taking her own shot. She is looking gorgeous in black. Girls these days use to apply black eye liner or kajol on their eyes to look more charming. Here we can see a girl having elegant features, but her beautiful features have been enhanced by using dark eye liner on her eyes, and no doubt she is now looking more attractive.blackgirl

Girl in churidar pajama


The Churidar pajama suit is one of the favourite dresses among the young Pakistani girls. It is a traditional style dress worn commonly by the girls of the country. Churidar pajama suits can be worn with different types of shirts. They can look good with the straight shirts or with desi style frocks. Nowadays girls make churidar pajama suits of lawn or cotton material cloth which gives a casual look.

Here is a picture of a girl wearing churidar pajama suit. Her dress is made of simple lawn material but looking very stylish. She is also wearing an elegant silver bracelet around her wrist.

Enjoying at the hill station


The extreme hot weather and the power load-shedding is making life miserable in Pakistan. People face difficulties in performing the routine activities. Many of our viewers wrote us that because of the unannounced loadshedding in the country, the students are not able to prepare for their exams.

People these days visit hilly areas to have some relief from this hot weather. Asma and Saira also arranged the trip with their friends to visit Thandiani, the beautiful place situated near Abbottabad. Thandiani is famous for its lovely views and pleasant weather.